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Anak sa Lupang Hinirang

(Child on the Chosen Land)


Capture Photography Festival 2023

Selected Exhibitions

The Lobby, Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art

April 1-  15, 2023



Anak sa Lupang Hinirang (Child on the Chosen Land) features photographic works by Khim Hipol and sculptural photographs by Karl Hipol. The exhibition looks at the personal effects of the artists’ immigration, their current social context in so-called Canada as Filipino immigrants, and how the two artists investigate decoloniality within their works. 

Originally Filipino nationals, the artists are aware of the heavy history of colonization here in Canada. Khim Hipol uses his body and symbolic objects tied to Filipino national identity in his work, exploring the complicated history of colonization in the Philippines. The body and the objects perform together to subvert standard and patriotic readings. Conversely, Karl Hipol deconstructs archival images of colonial architecture and reconstructs them by interweaving traditional Filipino elements to challenge the prevalent colonial mentality. The images encourage viewers to question the subjects’ origin and the significance of the objects they picture. Ultimately, the artists reclaim and celebrate Filipino identity and cultural heritage.


Curated by Karl Mata Hipol

Photography by Khim Mata Hipol

fine art

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